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"TheBestWord" regular flames

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"TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby DEADLIFT » Sat Jul 01, 2017 09:15 am

Crazy flamer "TheBestWord"

I compiled information about massive flames that I have. I hope at least that can be called "regular flames" and admins will do something according to the rules. Thank you.
Code: Select all
  7m 49s 327ms TheBestWord: dat mh
  7m 52s  22ms DrowningPool: XDDD
  7m 57s 720ms TheBestWord: last time the same
  7m 58s 413ms DrowningPool: what else
 10m  5s 977ms TheBestWord: im gonna report u
Code: Select all
  0m 43s 263ms TheBestWord: u think hu vs orc is balanced?
  1m 41s  79ms TheBestWord: hello sir?
 18m 17s 630ms TheBestWord: race
 18m 37s 622ms TheBestWord: plz fix this matchup
 22m 36s 252ms TheBestWord: fix plz
Code: Select all
  0m 15s 500ms TheBestWord: f*** ur race plz
  9m 12s 350ms TheBestWord: f*** this race
  9m 24s 800ms TheBestWord: no balance
  9m 27s 800ms TheBestWord: no skill u
  9m 45s 950ms TheBestWord: its hard to see how bad u can bee as human
Code: Select all
  4m 47s 750ms TheBestWord: crazy damage
 16m 14s 150ms TheBestWord: balance plz
 16m 30s 650ms TheBestWord: did u micro any unit?
 16m 40s 400ms TheBestWord: really funny
 20m 41s 900ms TheBestWord: race
 22m 18s 500ms TheBestWord: raace
Code: Select all
  3m 12s 165ms TheBestWord: without scout?
  5m 41s 695ms TheBestWord: without scout is hilarious
Code: Select all
 15m 38s 365ms TheBestWord: hacker
 15m 40s 939ms ImNegan: XDDDD
 16m 12s 657ms ImNegan: out
 16m 13s 671ms TheBestWord: hack hack
 16m 15s 699ms TheBestWord: 3rd cj
 16m 18s 681ms ImNegan: bla
 16m 19s 973ms TheBestWord: in 5 cjs
 16m 21s 573ms TheBestWord: f***ing hacker
 16m 22s 431ms TheBestWord: report
Code: Select all
  4m 11s 814ms TheBestWord: -.-
  7m 34s 968ms TheBestWord: really looks like mh
  7m 49s 598ms AlanCurtisKay: but in the end its just a shade
  8m  4s 921ms TheBestWord: u are serious?
 10m 33s 327ms TheBestWord: dis race
 10m 39s 718ms TheBestWord: buggy bullshit race
 10m 54s 964ms TheBestWord: plz learn to play other race
 10m 59s 969ms TheBestWord: without imbalance advantage
 11m 50s 712ms TheBestWord: imbalance
Code: Select all
  1m 16s 749ms fivezero: hf
  3m  3s 337ms TheBestWord: wtf
  3m  4s 937ms TheBestWord: i cant contro
  3m  8s 125ms TheBestWord: wtf?
  3m 11s 569ms TheBestWord: u hack?
  3m 14s 193ms fivezero: no
  3m 21s 101ms TheBestWord: I CANT CONTROL
  3m 32s  63ms fivezero: looks not like it
  3m 37s 639ms TheBestWord: SHIT HACKER
  4m 12s 897ms TheBestWord: i couldnt move
  4m 13s 924ms TheBestWord: an chat
  6m 13s 427ms TheBestWord: damn hacker
  6m 20s 233ms TheBestWord: mh aswell
  6m 48s 317ms TheBestWord: HACK HACK
  7m 27s 141ms fivezero: hackahackhack
  7m 58s 257ms fivezero: u are good in crying ^^
  8m  4s 571ms TheBestWord: u are hacker
 10m 18s 501ms fivezero: hacker
 11m 49s  15ms TheBestWord: out
Code: Select all
 17m 28s 692ms TheBestWord: wt
 17m 35s 473ms TheBestWord: i already used ww
 17m 36s 227ms TheBestWord: but ok
 21m 25s 756ms TheBestWord: dat race :D
 25m 27s 485ms TheBestWord: dat race :D
 25m 40s 402ms TheBestWord: funny race
 26m  2s  72ms TheBestWord: gg
 26m  4s 922ms TheBestWord: but totally imbalance
Code: Select all
  6m  5s  99ms TheBestWord: is this serious
  6m 23s 843ms TheBestWord: this luck is real?
  6m 43s 745ms training_acc: finally creeps are againts orcs
  6m 58s 193ms TheBestWord: cause u pla imba race or what?
 20m 37s 306ms TheBestWord: so shut up noob
Code: Select all
  3m 30s 525ms TheBestWord: how
  8m 15s 675ms TheBestWord: hack hack
  8m 20s 325ms TheBestWord: ur movement...
  8m 37s 275ms TheBestWord: maphacker
  8m 54s 675ms TheBestWord: SURE
  8m 57s 525ms TheBestWord: ROFLMAO
  9m  2s 925ms TheBestWord: report
 18m 58s 425ms TheBestWord: u get big report
 19m  0s 975ms DEADLIFT: same
 19m 10s 425ms TheBestWord: f***ing cheater
 20m  7s 725ms TheBestWord: f***ing troll
Code: Select all
  4m 51s 350ms TheBestWord: balance plz
  5m  2s 750ms TheBestWord: balance plz
Last edited by DEADLIFT on Wed Jul 05, 2017 15:45 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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Re: Please ban nomanner "TheBestWord"

Postby DEADLIFT » Wed Jul 05, 2017 15:43 pm

I've added more information. Please review.
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby kodos_forsaken » Wed Jul 05, 2017 16:23 pm

hes not even flaming in most of these lol
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby Crrpt86 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 15:34 pm

really hard flames. i guess u have zero friends. u are a prick ag3nt.
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby Crrpt86 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 15:40 pm

ag3nt simply wants to eliminate the better players.... long way to go.
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby DEADLIFT » Mon Jul 10, 2017 08:52 am

Code: Select all
  0m 23s 908ms MOES: gl hf
  3m  1s 972ms TheBestWord: close -.-
  3m  4s 513ms MOES: -.-
  3m  5s 283ms MOES: lel
  6m 22s 844ms TheBestWord: balance not the best
  6m 24s 364ms TheBestWord: in this mu
  6m 32s 496ms MOES: it's the best wrod
  6m 38s 188ms TheBestWord: what?
  6m 41s 860ms MOES: word
  6m 44s 292ms TheBestWord: ?
  6m 48s 472ms MOES: ta guuele
  6m 49s 460ms MOES: thx
  6m 54s 552ms TheBestWord: idiot lol :D
  7m  2s 172ms MOES: whine more
  7m  2s 542ms MOES: :D
 10m 21s 769ms TheBestWord: out mb?
 10m 25s  25ms MOES: ok
 10m 26s   9ms MOES: ciao
 10m 36s 757ms TheBestWord: bye
 10m 41s 909ms MOES: gg master!
 10m 49s 377ms TheBestWord: thx
 10m 49s 827ms TheBestWord: gg
 10m 52s  51ms MOES: gg
 10m 52s 717ms MOES: gg
 10m 53s 235ms MOES: gg
 10m 55s 311ms TheBestWord: gg
 10m 56s 907ms MOES: gg
 10m 57s 439ms MOES: gg
 10m 59s 719ms TheBestWord: gg
 18m  3s 922ms TheBestWord: out?
 18m 40s 707ms MOES: suce ma bite
 18m 41s 400ms MOES: merci
 19m 53s 130ms TheBestWord: hahahah
 20m  7s 266ms TheBestWord: hack hack
 20m 10s 821ms MOES: MH !!
 21m 45s 745ms MOES: hack
 21m 45s 822ms TheBestWord: hacker
 21m 46s 515ms MOES: LEL
 22m 39s 414ms TheBestWord: jmaphacker
 22m 41s 339ms TheBestWord: report
 22m 44s 419ms MOES: report
 22m 53s 890ms TheBestWord: i know u maphack
 22m 55s 584ms MOES: k
 22m 59s 819ms TheBestWord: shit hacker
 23m  2s 591ms MOES: gg
 23m  3s  53ms MOES: gg
 23m  3s 592ms MOES: gg
 23m  4s 131ms MOES: gg
 23m  4s 593ms MOES: gg
 23m  5s 209ms MOES: gg
 23m  5s 440ms TheBestWord: everyhing destroy the game
 23m  5s 671ms MOES: gg
 23m  8s 597ms MOES: TheBestWord has left the game voluntarily.
 23m  8s 751ms MOES: gg

Code: Select all
  0m 26s 300ms TheBestWord: u have much time yes?
  1m 26s 900ms TheBestWord: hello sir?
 11m 56s 900ms TheBestWord: out
 12m 18s 200ms TheBestWord: OUT
 12m 32s 300ms DEADLIFT: gg

Why this is acceptable?
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby QuemSabe » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:44 am

He is quite a flamer and a very sore loser. Had a game with him, where he complimented my luck while he found pendant)
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby DEADLIFT » Mon Jul 17, 2017 17:25 pm

0m 30s 576ms TheBestWord: hey bro
0m 37s 240ms TheBestWord: how are you?
8m 37s 804ms TheBestWord: balance plz
10m 39s 766ms TheBestWord: balance rofl
19m 52s 813ms TheBestWord: mh ??
21m 17s 260ms TheBestWord: maphacker
22m 12s 205ms TheBestWord: maphacker
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby Crrpt86 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 20:23 pm

deadlift are u retarded? these are not even flames...
you should make an account IQ0+imanidiot and play on that please
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Re: "TheBestWord" regular flames

Postby ag3nt » Sat Aug 26, 2017 13:30 pm


TheBestWord: how about stop maphacking?
TheBestWord: i know ur account is muted
TheBestWord: but let u know that ur maphacking
TheBestWord: is so poor
TheBestWord: never seen such a offense
TheBestWord: there
TheBestWord: #shithacker
TheBestWord: no sense
TheBestWord: yy
TheBestWord: cheater
TheBestWord: but everyone know
TheBestWord: no problem
TheBestWord: cheat cheat
TheBestWord: maphacker
TheBestWord: one time u will get banned

Why you tolerate that ffs?
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