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Help! I cannot access W3Arena!

FFArena related topics. Get support assistance and learn more about the Free For All bot as well as the custom RT and solo random heroes bots.

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Help! I cannot access W3Arena!

Postby Yosh » Sat Sep 02, 2017 04:14 am

If you are reading this then It looks like you came to the right place! The W3Arena Hallway is where we resolve issues with new users being banned or existing users being banned due to technical reasons (i.e. after moving or changing pcs, etc).

Please open up a thread in the W3Arena Hallway with the following information and the staff will assist and ultimately resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If these types of threads are opened up in the wrong place then delays should be expected. In the worst case this could be missed completely.

subject: [main / most known account name] - new user / existing user
i.e. yosh - existing user
i.e. newuser420 - new user

post: Provide the details of your exact situation. Prior known akas inside and outside of w3arena? Previous w3arena accounts? Did you just move? New PC, Internet? Multiple PCs or locations / internet providers? etc...

If any of this information is missing or wrong in any way then request will be denied and potentially ignored.

If you want to discuss bans due to your own actions (whether you feel it was justified or not) then this is the WRONG place to make such a request. Create a post in the reports and appeals section and a staff member will assist you when they get the chance.

Do not ask for help in other people's threads since it becomes a nightmare to go through requests that way. We cannot guarantee that your situation will be looked into if you do not create your own thread as described above.

Link to our discord:

What does [Missing Account] mean?: The reviewing admin needs the very account name of the acc which you have used to initially join the gaming server before the "Banned" message appeared.
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