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Looking for 2v2 AT partner

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Looking for 2v2 AT partner

Postby TheEarthquake » Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:11 am

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for people who enjoy 2v2 AT as much as I do and look for someone to play with. I'm ambitious to win games, but more important to me is playing well as a team and avoiding basic mistakes. In other words, I like a nice flow in the games. Winning is nice, but losing a game that we played solidly including improvement of our team game can be fun, too.

I'm currently playing only occasionally, but I'd like to play more often. I would like to arrange play times spontaneously, e. g. via texting or email.

I'm a nightelf player, open to any race to team up with. I'll enjoy playing with you, if you have a positive attitude, are a friendly person, are ambitious, and open to talk about mistakes. As for the playing level, I guess, we just have to see if we are compatible (see my profile)!
Skype and TS both work for me.
Languages: German and English

I'm very much looking forward to your replies and even more to playing a couple of games of WC3! :-)
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Re: Looking for 2v2 AT partner

Postby joab1023 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 23:40 pm

I would love to play as your 2s partner, i love your attitude of mistakes and i think the same way. I play human the best and my name on is memes42069 i only recently started playing wc3 but i was a master in sc2 so the game makes sense to me
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Re: Looking for 2v2 AT partner

Postby x6m » Sun Aug 06, 2017 23:59 pm

go at /w x6m
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