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1.28 to 1.26? [Solved]

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Re: 1.28 to 1.26? [Solved]

Postby Over-Admire. » Wed May 17, 2017 23:12 pm

Hi wand ,

i would suggest logging into battle net website at either ( for americans )or . Go to your account an download The wc3 TFT game installer ( no CD's required). If you havent yet registerd your game/cd keys , do so. The installer verison they use, starts at patch 1.26. Once your logged in an have your game/cd registered. Uninstall your wc3 entirely. REINSTALL using the wc3 install apps on the battlenet website. right after the TFT install , COPY that wc3 folder before patching. Find a new location/folder ( personally i use a DIFF harddrive), an place a copy of wc3 TFT there. now pick one of the folders to patch to 1.28 an keep the orignal install at 1.26.

if you have any more questions feel free to ask
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Re: 1.28 to 1.26? [Solved]

Postby Shackwell » Thu May 18, 2017 01:15 am


I was a mac user for the past 7 years so im a bit new on the workarounds that need to be made on PC. I cannot play on warcraft 3 arena because of the following:

The installer patches directly to 1.27 so I dont know how to pull it back to 1.26. I tried wcs but they dont seem to work anymore.

Any help will be greatly apprecciated.

I have original copies bought online.
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Re: 1.28 to 1.26? [Solved]

Postby wAnd » Thu May 18, 2017 07:44 am

I have managed to solve it you basically do not patch to 1.28. The offical bnet files are autmatically 1.27. So unless u get elsewhere the game installs at 1.27 if you go via bnet. So u get version switcher and everything works fine for wc3a. Lol!
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Re: 1.28 to 1.26? [Solved]

Postby ena1337 » Thu May 18, 2017 11:55 am

For everyone else: see: ... m_name=WC3

"It is recommended to keep one copy of your WC3 folder with version 1.26 for w3arena (which you can download above) and one folder with the newest version for the official server"

1.26 folder:

Patch 1.28 (the current patch) gets automatically downloaded if you try to connect your WC3 client with!

Obviously u want to refer the 1.26 folder to w3arena while using 1.28 for bnet as a "side-folder".
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