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Blizzard ruining war3 on bnet?

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Blizzard ruining war3 on bnet?

Postby Wic3[Orc_ » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:30 am

I just have strong feeling after 1.28 patches were such a big failure. First of all the messed with the ambient sounds by removing them and then they changed also all wav sounds and made them sound into low quality.. Not to mention all the game crash problems.. So it feels like they broke center of the game and try to change it completely..

This is not the way they should be going.. They should made adaptors to modern pc to adapt into old game and not broke old game and create it new for modern pc.. :evil:

I really don´t like windows 7-10 because it doesnt support wav audio.. I like to listen sounds chrystal clear.. So im sticking with windows xp for that reason. :geek:

But my whole point is this.. The whole classic team working with the new wc3 patches have no idea of what they are doing because they didnt play wc3 when it was released.. They didnt know the community either.. They dont know how the game is supposed to be.. So they are creating their vision of the game.. All changes they are making are towards their vision and not the original vision of the game. Thus they should be very respective towards old content and only improve things like latency and maphacking.

I have already seen that roc campaing is broken.. And many things will get broken since they make huge changes to the core of the warcraft 3 codes.. And this saddens me since wc3 has always been very important thing in my life since childhood and I dont want it to be changed.
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