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Need your advice vs Orcs

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Need your advice vs Orcs

Postby Vessten » Fri Dec 16, 2016 13:24 pm

Hi guys can someone tell me what is the most effective tactic vs Batriders and fast tier3 as Nelf???
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Re: Need your advice vs Orcs

Postby Eve- » Fri Dec 16, 2016 15:28 pm

Least played race: Elf

As far as I know, batrider are death supply if you want to fight with them so only strong @ trading base vs. base, + expensive (lumber wise), it should be possible to harass the enemy at the point you know that he will go for mass bats (by seeing 2x Bestiary.) but here is the problem again, that he can switch over to raider too and now I'm out cause it is going to deep as i don't know how strong your unit composition could be if you fight near his base and yeah, kick burrows, haha:D ... some elf players should give you an advice.
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