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Q: Hi, I'm new to W3Arena but am banned. Help!?!

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Q: Hi, I'm new to W3Arena but am banned. Help!?!

Postby Yosh » Sun Oct 01, 2017 13:37 pm

A: First of all, welcome to W3Arena! Due to the few terrible people out there in the world that want to either cheat within our safe sanctuary or people that feel that they can do whatever they want at the detriment of the rest of the community because they can "bypass their w3arena ban anytime they want" some more drastic measures had to be taken in an attempt to prevent these types of people from ruining everyone's gaming experience. As we roll out more enhancements to W3Arena this process will be a lot simpler but due to certain "bad people" attempting to ruin everyone's fun we had to make the registration process a bit less open than before.

Please head over to the W3Arena Hallway, read the sticky post @ ... =41&t=6650, create a thread with a short description of your situation, warcraft 3 history (yes, we want to know more about our users!) and a staff member will assist you. We also have a discord that we encourage you to join so that we can communicate directly if we require more sensitive information (IP addresses, etc). Also for some more reading check out the more detailed FAQ post @ ... =10&t=3518.

P.S. DO NOT post your IP address publicly on forums or any of the discord channels. If we need such info (and sometimes we do!) you will be asked to provide it to us directly via discord or forum pm. Just be sure to paste a link to your post on the forums along with this information. Also feel free to do this proactively but please note that because that is opening us up to having a million direct messages that any info sent that does not have a link to your hallway post may fall into the void.
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