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Q: How can I benefit from playing on W3Arena?

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Q: How can I benefit from playing on W3Arena?

Postby DeathWing » Tue Oct 30, 2012 18:39 pm

Q: How can I benefit from playing on W3Arena?

A: Well, there are three main reasons for which you should "join the battle" with us. Nowadays we're having a really poor ladder experience on BNet. The map pool is outdated, the playing conditions are intolerable and the ladder already turned into a nest of cheaters.
So, if you are one of those guys who has always dreamed of playing some ladder games while having an awesome ping, on an improved map pool and last but not least, in a non-hacker environment, then w3arena is your place to be!

Let me remind you a few features that the server provides you:
- A private ladder with a ranking page and profiles, with games hosted by hostbots;
- New and improved maps compose the map pool;
- An anti-hack system is implemented: cheating won't be possible, and if people somehow still manage to, they will be instantly banned;
- We provide to you a list of people that are online and streaming (your own stream may be added as well);
- A widespread forum where you can post your feedbacks and suggestions, get technical support, and also find useful information and updates;
- A lot of other small things and details.
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