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Q: Is Anonymity Technology (VPN, etc) supported or allowed?

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Q: Is Anonymity Technology (VPN, etc) supported or allowed?

Postby Yosh » Sat Dec 26, 2015 20:08 pm

Q: Is the use of Anonymity Technology (VPN, etc) supported and/or allowed on W3Arena?

A: Generally speaking this type of technology is not supported and if you encounter any issues stemming from the use of such technology you do so at your own risk. Speaking clearly, you could be banned for using anonymity technology if W3Arena is unable to distinguish you from another user that earned a ban while using anonymity technology. The staff will not jump through hoops in order to confirm your identity and the burden for this falls on the users themselves. There may come a point in time when anonymity technology as a whole is actively targeted such that access to w3arena services will no longer be allowed from them.
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