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Q: I get a 'You are banned' error but shouldn't be banned.

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Q: I get a 'You are banned' error but shouldn't be banned.

Postby Yosh » Sat Dec 26, 2015 20:06 pm

Q: I get a 'You are banned' error or cannot chat and queue for ladder but shouldn't be banned. What do I do?

If you are brand new to w3arena or are an existing user that has recently upgraded computers or made large changes to their computer then you have a high likelihood of running into this problem.

Go to the W3Arena Hallway forum, review the sticky post, and follow those instructions and a staff member will assist you.

Now here is the stuff that almost everyone ignores but will still be held fully responsible for:

***Do not use random smurf accounts in the subject/title to make requests since they will be ignored if found out. The post itself can probably be made using any account but explain the reason that you are using a different account than what you listed in the topic name. Just to clarify, if we find out that you made a smurf for the sole purpose of getting attention then your request will be ignored.***

Most importantly... we need you to provide a description of the problem, your exact situation that would attempt to explain your circumstances. Are you a new player on w3arena? Prior known akas inside and outside of w3arena? Previous w3arena accounts? Did you just move? Did this happen out of nowhere? New PC, Internet? Recently banned? Multiple PCs or locations / internet providers? etc... This has to fill in the gaps between what is investigated and why the system has decided to automatically ban you.

If any of this information is missing or wrong in any way then request will be ignored.

For all other types of technical issues you should post your problem in the technical support forum.

If you have any questions regarding you being banned or having your access restricted in any way after having been able to access W3Arena just fine previously (barring large computer changes) then please post in the reports and appeals forum.
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