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Q: I get a 'You are banned' error but shouldn't be banned.

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Q: I get a 'You are banned' error but shouldn't be banned.

Postby Yosh » Sat Dec 26, 2015 20:06 pm

Q: I get a 'You are banned' error but shouldn't be banned. What do I do?

A1: If you get a "You are banned" error message, just close out Warcraft III, and restart w3arena and try again. Everything should just work at that point. This should resolve all issues associated with this problem for 99% of people who should not be banned (which is the vast majority of users at W3Arena).

A2: If you try the first answer and are STILL having issues logging into the game server and you have done nothing wrong to deserve a ban then you will need to perform the following steps exactly as instructed.

Please note that following the steps for this answer comes with the assumption that you are not being banned for violating any policies and instead this "You are banned" error has to do with some sort of unexpected system error. If you have violated any of the policies on W3Arena then you are in the wrong place and you should search the Reports and Appeal section for ALL of your accounts until you find the one that has been reported. If you still cannot find your accounts but know / acknowledge that you did something wrong then simply create a new thread (with your account name in the subject i.e. "Yosh - Ban Status") asking for a status of your case and a staff member will help you with that. If you proceed with the following steps and it turns out that you are actually supposed to be banned then your request will simply be ignored since there are probably a lot more people that need real assistance than you. Those types of request will be put towards the end of the list and won't get processed until all other more important work is done so you are just better off following the proper procedure. This serves as your warning.

1) Open up the w3arena client and take a screenshot of the client window as well as the in game screen which shows the error that you are experiencing.
2) Attempt to join the game server and take a screenshot of the error that you receive.
3) Take note of the exact date / time / timezone that you are located.
4) Take note of your external IP at the time of this login attempt (just go to google and type "what is my ip" in the search). Please note that this should NOT be done through a VPN or any other type of anonymity technology. Please see the FAQ regarding Anonymity Technology.
5) Upload all screenshots to and save the links. Links from other image services will not be accepted. No exceptions!
6) Using the forums from your main / most known game account, send a PM (private message) to Yosh with the following information:
***Do not use random smurf accounts in the subject/title to make requests since they will be ignored if I find out. The PM itself can probably be made using any account but explain the reason that you are using a different account than what you listed in the topic name. If I find out that you made a smurf for the sole purpose of PMing me then your request will be ignored.***
1) subject/title: [main / most known account name] - banstate ok but banned
2) Provide the information gathered in steps #1 - #5 (screenshots via only)
3) Provide a description of the problem, your exact situation that would attempt to explain your circumstances. Are you a new player on w3arena? Prior known akas inside and outside of w3arena? Previous w3arena accounts? Did you just move? Did this happen out of nowhere? New PC, Internet? Recently banned? Multiple PCs or locations / internet providers? etc... This has to fill in the gaps between what is investigated and why the system has you marked as banned.

If any of this information is missing or wrong in any way then request will be ignored. Although the staff will try to respond to forum posts related to this in the technical support section they will most likely end up asking you to PM Yosh with this exact information in order to resolve the issue if they cannot resolve it on their own. At that point, the only way to resolve this issue is to follow these steps exactly.
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