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Name:Twisted Meadows
Name:Twisted Meadows

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Apr 08, 2014 - Beta Season #1 Finals on Sunday! »
Ladder Reset + Several Warcraft 3 Events!!! by Yosh | Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:46 am


Hi everyone!

It's been a while but what better way to start things up again than having a ladder reset?  Along with this reset  comes the announcement of a new Warcraft 3 event from and the results from the first 20 or so days of this ladder will directly influence some of the participants of this tournament!  Please see below for more information.  Have fun everyone!

News from

It's the evening of the W3A ladder reset, and we've confirmed our first 10 invited players!

There are now 22 slots remaining. 6 of them will be filled by the second round of invites, 8 of them will be filled through the W3A ladder qualifiers, and 8 of them will be our qualification tournament finalists.

The main tournament will be conducted through the weekends of August, with the match finals taking place on September 1.

W3A Ladder Qualification: 

The W3Arena ladder will be reset as of July 1st, and the top 8 players on that ladder come July 21st will receive invitations to the main tournament. Please be advised of the following:

The qualification period will run from whenever W3A finishes resetting, to July 21st, 12:01 AM CEST. 
Players are required to play under their most-known nickname. No smurfs!
Players caught playing on more than one account or boosting others will be banned from this event and all future FSTV events.

FSL Qualifier Tournaments:

The tournaments run every Sunday in July, at either 8 AM or 3 PM CEST.
Each tournament's bracket will open up 24 hours after the close of the previous tournament. 
The top 8 players of a tournament may choose to be seeded into the next tournament ahead of the bracket's opening.
Qualifier Dates:

Sunday, July 6th, 8 AM CEST - Register at

Sunday, July 13th, 3 PM CEST - TBA.

Sunday, July 20th, 3 PM CEST. - TBA.

Sunday, July 27th, 8 AM CEST - TBA.

Other events to look out for:

ZODIAC Cup #9 @ on 2014-07-05 14:30 CET

ZODIAC 2v2 Cup #1 @ on 2014-07-12 15:00 CET


« Jul 01, 2014 - Ladder Reset + Several Warcraft 3 Events!!! Apr 08, 2014 - Contestants for the Beta Season #1 Tournament »
Beta Season #1 Finals on Sunday! by Arnold | Tue Apr 08, 2014 14:46 pm

We are glad to announce the Beta Season #1 Finals. On Sunday our top 16 solo players will face each other in a single elimination tournament to determine who deserves the title of the grand champion!


On the left side you can see all the players who are invited to take part in this epic battle!


The event will take place on sunday the 13th of April at 15:00 CET. Participants will meet in the channel "Tournament" on W3Arena at least 15 minutes before it starts (14:45 CET)


The top 3 players will recieve a special icon for their W3Arena profile and there will also be a nice surprise for the other participants.


You can follow the event by watching the stream by war3tv on Twitch.

There will also be a german cast available by Back2Warcraft on Twitch.

If other people would like to cover the event as well please contact us.

More details about the tournament (especially important for participants) can be found here!

Grid under this link!*

*since Anima couldn't attent, he will be replaced by DKH.Sub

(Maps for copy/paste: AZ, AI, EI, NI, LR, DR, SV, CK, TS, TM, TR, MV, GC )

Because of technical difficulties the final and the game for the 3rd place will be postponed. We will announce the date later!

« Apr 08, 2014 - Beta Season #1 Finals on Sunday! Apr 05, 2014 - Ladder Tournament Qualifications »
Contestants for the Beta Season #1 Tournament by Arnold | Tue Apr 08, 2014 01:07 am

We have determined our top 16 solo players! These are our contestants for the Beta Season #1 Tournament which will be held on sunday the 13th of april on 15:00 CET. All the details about the event will be released tomorrow!

« Apr 08, 2014 - Contestants for the Beta Season #1 Tournament Mar 13, 2014 - Another update »
Ladder Tournament Qualifications by Arnold | Sat Apr 05, 2014 13:21 pm


We would like to remind everyone that qualifications for the Beta Season #1 bracket stage will come to an end on the 7th of april at midnight (24:00 CET).

Based on this point in time the top 16 solo players will be invited to the Beta Season #1 Tournament which will be held on the 13th of april at 15:00 CET.


Please note that this does not mean that there will be another ladder reset right after the event.

Good luck to everyone who is still trying to reach a place in the top 16!

« Apr 05, 2014 - Ladder Tournament Qualifications
Another update by Pad | Thu Mar 13, 2014 22:06 pm

Let me explain a few things we have been working on:

- The server is currently running and online.
- We are working on improving the login problems <- Fixed. If you have anymore login-problems, contact us.
- If the server is under attack, its hard to connect, but POSSIBLE! Try a few times!
- If the hostbot-servers are under attack, it can be hard to join a game, but it WON'T GIVE A LOSS! So keep trying and it will work!
- If you are connected to the W3Arena Chatserver, you won't disconnect when the server is under attack.


Update 17.03.:

Login at the website (even with new accounts) is possible again. If you can't login with an existing account, change your password in Warcraft 3 and wait 1 minute.

Arranged Team settings are working again (Race and Vetos).

Attacks should not affect you anymore in any way while playing on the server.

Support W3Arena

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Needed:480,00 EUR
Advertisement:20,27 EUR
Donated:141,53 EUR
Reserves:73,03 EUR
Remaining:245,17 EUR
(Values are updated once per week)


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